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Competitive Rates & Alternate Fee Arrangements

As a boutique law firm, we are not saddled with the exorbitant overhead of the larger firms. As such, we can provide the same quality of service while simultaneously billing significantly less than our much bigger competitors.

We are an extremely cost-conscious firm that takes into account the expenses associated with a proposed plan of action and weigh it against the potential gain from implementing the plan. It is our belief that there are those cases that can be handled expeditiously, by way of early settlement, and the firm seeks to identify and dispose of such matters quickly so as to avoid unnecessarily protracted and costly litigation.

In addition to its extensive collective legal experience, our firm is attractive to clients for its ability to offer lower rates by using state of the art law office technology, which allows it to staff cases leanly. We pass on the savings of our lower overhead to our clients. As a smaller firm, layers of fixed costs and support are not part of our practice. We keep our costs low to keep our legal rates competitive. An efficient cost-containment policy, coupled with the same high-level of experience and legal skills helps our clients better manage their legal costs. Our goal is to work within your budget and means while providing the experience to better resolve your legal problem.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

With the challenges of today’s economy, we also encourage prospective commercial litigation clients to consider an alternative fee arrangement. Rather than a fee based solely on hours, an alternative fee arrangement can take the form of a fixed fee, a fixed monthly retainer, a partial contingency fee, a success fee, or some similar arrangement. Here, the firm and the client “partner” in the efficiency of the process and the ultimate outcome.